Not Just a Grocery Store

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A large part of what brought me to Vermont, and specifically Brattleboro, was the Brattleboro Food Co-op. I have family here and have been coming to visit since around 2000. I would go to the BFC (both at its previous location and the current one) and it just felt like home to me. I had the sense that I had found my people.

The values that are important to me are reflected here in the town of Brattleboro, and are in evidence at our co-op, writ small. Things that are dear to my heart such as environmental stewardship, composting, recycling, many opportunities for donations of food, time, and money. The political climate suits me here!

I’ve been on the Co-op Board for just over a year now. I was drawn to Board service because I believe in the co-op model, and wanted to be involved in something I care about. Being on the Board has been quite the learning opportunity for me. I continue to enjoy digging into what makes our Co-op work.

I appreciate that there is a union at the Co-op. This is not the case at many grocery stores. Both of my adult children work or have worked in non-union grocery stores, and I have heard stories that make me reflect on how different the employee experience is here at the Co-op.

I enjoy seeing the same faces both at my register and also at peaceful demonstrations and marches. I’ve met people from all walks of life, and appreciate the opportunity to get to know those that I otherwise may never cross paths with. I am trying my best to make the Co-op a welcoming community marketplace.

There are so many opportunities to be involved in making the town, and our Co-op, a better place. All of the things that contribute to my love of this town are reflected in the Co-op as a microcosm.  Please join me. Come to a Board meeting and consider becoming a Board member!  I recommend it highly!

By Denise Glover, BFC Staff Board member