Overflow Shelter Meals

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As a Co-op we will prepare three meals for the Overflow Shelter:

  • Sunday January 19th – Beef and Veggie Chili
  • Wednesday February 26th – Turkey Loaf and Lentil Loaf
  • Monday March 30th – Baked Ziti: Beef and Veggie + Salad

We will need a few roles filled for each of these meals. If you would like to participate email Jon: jonmr@brattleborofoodcoop.coop. You may have already received an email about this as well, but I want to widely publicize the need our community requires and the support we are seeking to make these meals a reality. We serve approximately 30 people during each meal and we offer both meat and veggie options. All work done on this project can be tracked for Shareholder hours. The roles are outlined below. First come first serve.

Meal Captain: This is the first person to arrive to greet the transporter (6pm) and last person to leave the Overflow Shelter (around 7:30-8pm). This person is the main point of contact for the whole crew working to serve the meal. Makes sure everything is heated, served, cleaned up and extra food is refrigerated or handed off to Overflow Shelter staff. Time commitment is 2-3 hours max.

Meal Transporter from Co-op: Arrive at Co-op Community Kitchen at 7 Canal St at 5:45pm to pick up and drop off the meal to the Austine School located at 60 Austine Dr, Brattleboro, VT. Time commitment 1 hour max.

Meal Server/Meal Clean Up: Arrive at Overflow Shelter at Austine School at 6:15pm and work until 7:30/8pm to ensure food is served and cleaned up effectively. Time commitment is 2-3 hours max.

Meal Cook: Arrive at Co-op around 3pm on day of meal to prepare the food that will be served that evening as well as cleaning up after the food preparing. Time commitment is 2-3 hours max. A Co-op staff member will act as the point person here including purchasing the ingredients and having a recipe on hand.

Create a Dessert: We would like to ask one person to create a dessert offsite and deliver to the meal. Oftentimes an apple crisp or something you can make in large quantities is a great idea.