Organic and Non-GMO is the Way to Go

  | Food For Thought

Recently I came across a meme on Facebook listing daily habits that will change your life. It stated: one-hour exercise, two liters of water, three cups of tea, four colors on the plate, five minutes of meditation, six songs that motivate you, seven minutes of laughter, eight hours of sleep, nine pages of a book, ten reasons to be thankful. My only addition would be to add 11 servings of organic and non-gmo food.

Self-care is so important. What if we could double the benefits by doing the things (or avoiding the things) most likely to give us the biggest bang for our buck?

That is the theme behind the film Secret Ingredients, which we showed at the Co-op a few weeks ago. “The personal stories shared in this film are compelling, truly inspiring and self empowering for anyone who seeks to heal and regain their health” (Dr. Michelle Cariari, ND).

Many of you reading this shop at the Co-op and buy local at the farmers markets, so you are probably already buying some organic/non-GMO foods. Stepping up your game and making this a priority can make all the difference.

Author Michael Antoniou said: “An increasing number of studies are showing problems with GMOs and their associated pesticides, such as Roundup. There is evidence that Roundup, even at the low levels permitted in food and drinking water, could lead to serious effects on health over time, such as liver and kidney toxicity. Based on this evidence, it appears that the levels of exposure currently held as safe by regulators around the world are questionable.”

Chronic illnesses are rampant in our society. And most people have more than one of them. Conventional medicine often just offers medications or Band-Aids for chronic illnesses and does not offer much insight on causes or cures. That might be motivation enough to eat more organic, non-GMO foods. But if you want or need more motivation on how and why to do it, I highly recommend watching the film Secret Ingredients. The Co-op has a copy you can take out on loan or you can stream it online for $4.99 pay per view. We are lucky that our Co-op offers a wide selection of organic and non-GMO verified foods to choose from to make this a reality for each of us.

By Lori Schreier