Dottie’s affordable food options are now located at the Co-op

For those of you who were not familiar with Dottie’s Discounts Foods, it was a storefront on Flat St in Brattleboro, VT owned by the Co-op and open for nearly 12 years.

Dottie’s is now closed, but its mainstay products are being incorporated into the Brattleboro Food Co-op.

These new and affordable food items range through 52 categories across the store. This includes staple items such as bread, milk, eggs, butter, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, cheese, frozen foods and meat.

You will see Dottie’s Pennywise Purchases shelf tag “call outs” on our shelves directing you to budget friendly products. We hope you take advantage of these money saving products!

Dottie's Pennywise Purchase Shelf Tags

As we enter 2021, we hope to welcome a “ding & dent” section where you can find even more value purchasing that aligns with what Dottie’s offered in its store front.

Here is a list of some of the affordable Dottie’s Pennywise Pantry options with we NOW stock at the Co-op:

Hood Milk and Dairy Products  Food Club Peanut Butters  Food Club Fruit Jams and Jellies  Food Club Frozen Vegetables  Food Club Cooking Spray Vegetable Oil  Food Club Chili Beans  Food Club Chicken Noodle Soup  Food Club Butter and Dairy Products  Food Club Angel Hair Pasta  Sugardale Bacon

Fresh Products Shelf-Stable Products Frozen Products
Milk Peanut Butter Frozen Vegetables
Eggs Jelly Frozen Fruit
Cheese Crackers Frozen Foods
Butter Bread Frozen Fish Sticks
Sour Cream Tuna Frozen Dairy Products
Orang Juice Pasta Frozen Burritos
Cottage Cheese Cereal Food Club Brand
Bacon Juice Other Frozen Goods
Meats Chips and Snacks
Cream Cheese Soup  
Hood Dairy Products Broth
Yogurt Oils
Greens Mayo
Tomatoes Mustard
Potatoes Ketchup
Root Vegetables Dressings
Other Fresh Products Salsa
Household & Sundry Products Shaker Cheese
Toilet Paper Canned Beans
Paper Towels Canned Fruits
Cleansers Canned Vegetables
 Other Household Needs Other Shelf Stable Pantry Items

We know that Dottie’s has been a staple of our community and we will continue to seek more ways to offer affordable food options at the Co-op. 

For more information on the rationale behind the closure of Dottie’s please feel free to visit the Brattleboro Food Co-op website: 

We welcome your input and feedback. If you have questions or would like to request a product, please send us a note using our Contact Form!