Customer Service Counter

The Customer Service Counter is just to your left as you enter the store.

It is staffed while the store is open (Mon-Sat: 8-8; Sun 9-8)

Call anytime: 802-246-2802

We’re here for you!

Let our friendly, caring, and knowledgeable team help you today.

  • Service with a smile for general Customer and Shareholder needs.
  • Accurate directions to the right department or the correct aisle to find what you are looking for.
  • Pre-order pickups and support for special orders.
  • Returns are handled in a courteous manner.
  • Product requests.
  • Information about who to see for what you need.
  • Fill out Customer Feedback forms.
  • Quick serve cashier for small order check-outs.
    • Also, we can assist customers with:
      • Processing your WIC purchases (The Co-op carries many WIC’ applicable products).
      • Processing your EBT purchases.
      • Processing your 3Squares Vermont purchases.
      • Processing your Food For All purchases.
      • Processing your Shareholder payments.
        • Learn more about becoming a Shareholder Owner.
        • You  can click here to find the info you need abour becoming a Shareholder Owner, and you can apply online.