Slash Your Trash

Slash Your Trash and Pledge to Reduce Your Waste!

Slash your trash

Join customers of food co-ops across the Northeast in pledging to reduce waste!

How does Slash Your Trash work?

It begins with you.

It works because you are pledging to reduce your own waste, thus reducing your own footprint.

  1. Stop by the Co-op and pick up a Slash Your Trash pledge card starting April 1st.
    • Take it home and conduct your own “home waste audit” using this list as a start:
      • Say NO to straws
      • Reuse packaging
      • Bring your own container and buy Bulk
      • Use a reusable water bottle
      • Use a refillable coffee mug
      • Fight food waste and compost
      • Pack a lunch
      • Repair Something
      • Stop Junk Mail
      • Shop local
      • Shop secondhand
      • Use real tableware
    • Visit Neighboring Food Co-op’s website to learn more about the Slash Your Trash challenge along with more ideas about making a difference in reducing your waste. 
    • Plan to stop by the Co-op on Wednesday, April 6th, 13th, and 20th, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Jon Megas Russell and/or Ruth Garbus will be tabling and “Talking Trash” with customers and will be encouraging all who stop by to offer some of their own ideas about reducing waste.
  2. Make a commitment on one of our pledge cards to earth-friendly changes you can make. Choose at least one item you believe you can do regardless of how big or small it seems.
  3. Place your commitment on your Slash Your Trash pledge card, and drop it into the Slash Your Trash trash can at the Co-op during the month.
  4. While trash can will be available all month for your pledges, if you “commit” by April 22nd before 11:00 am, you will automatically be entered in our Slash Your Trash giveaway. Three winners will be drawn at random and will receive a $25 BFC Gift Card* and an eco-friendly BFC Branded Klean Kanteen! We will have other prizes as well. Everyone is welcome to enter the giveaway. No purchase is necessary.

*BFC Gift card is valid for any purchase at the Brattleboro Food Co-op and does not expire.