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NAACP LogoA letter from the Windham County Vermont Branch of the NAACP to prospective members…


We at the Windham County Vermont Branch of the NAACP would like to let you know about a new membership drive called the Summer of 300! Our goal this Summer is to add 300 more members to our branch, and we are so hoping that you become one of them.

Since 1909, the NAACP has fought for the rights of folks of color, and our fight is now more critical than ever! We’d hoped that the battle would be nearing an end by now, and even though we have come a long way, civil unrest is still on the rise, and racism (both structural and social) plagues our country. However, your voice still matters, and a membership with us helps amplify your ability to contribute to change both individually and collectively. Your membership helps provide our branch with the resources it needs to function, but it also builds a collective voice for change that allows us to carry out our civil rights mission better.

Just this year alone, the Windham NAACP has been hugely influential in helping push the Vermont Department of Health start collecting data for Black and brown people, we have helped push for the passing of crucial police force legislation, and we have helped with the establishment of diversity committees in towns and so much more.

Will you join us in the fight for justice for all?



President, Steffen Gillom
Vice President, Nader Hashim
Vice President, Rose Albert

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