45 Birthday Update / Solidarity Action Steps

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Dear Shareholders, Shoppers, and Community Members,

For months we have talked about a large and exciting party in June to celebrate our 45th birthday as a Brattleboro based food co-op.  It is with sadness we have cancelled all of our party plans. Due to the global Pandemic and in honor of trying to stop the spread of germs and keep proper social distance we do not feel it is appropriate to be holding a largely attended event with food distributed.

We ask that in honor of our 45th birthday you consider engaging with Lost River Racial Justice or its hosting organization, The Root Social Justice Center, or the local chapter of the NAACP. We need all of our voices and collective action in this moment, including our white community members to step up. The world needs white voices to speak up now against the many injustices happening in our world and these organizations can support your growth.

For white community members who are seeking to take next steps personally in regards to growth and learning about what an ally for people of color could be consider The Lost River Racial Justice: Solidarity Action Steps for White People.


In closing, we have donated a portion of our events costs for the now cancelled 45th birthday party to the SUSU Healing Collective in order to fund 20 local Brattleboro CSA shares for POC this year. Learn more about their organization here: https://www.susuheals.com

With love,

The Brattleboro Food Co-op