Jerelyn Wilson

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Jerelyn Wilson

Jerelyn Wilson

1.  Why would you like to serve on the Board of Directors of the Brattleboro Food Co-op (BFC)?
I am willing and eager to continue serving on the BFC Board of Directors. Having served two three year terms, this would be the last before reaching term limits. Currently I am serving as President of the Board, and Chair of the GM Search Committee. I have learned so much in the last six years about the retail grocery business, cooperative values and the role of the Board in supporting a thriving future for our Co-op. In hiring and orienting a new General Manager I will bring continuity and a perspective that will support the progressive initiatives we’ve begun while at the same time embracing the evolution of our Co-op. 

2.  What experience or involvement have you had with the BFC or other cooperative enterprises?
I have been a Co-op member since 1983. Along with a small team I helped initiate the very first regular Co-op newsletter and was the editor for about 10 years. I served three terms on the Board in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I’ve attended numerous Board trainings and meetings of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA), a regional federation of food co-ops working together toward a shared vision of a thriving regional economy. 

3.  What opportunities or challenges do you see in the future for the BFC?
The big challenge ahead of us is hiring and orienting a new General Manager that will embrace the positive initiatives we have in motion and foster growth in the areas that will ensure a thriving future for our community-oriented cooperative.   

4.  What qualities, skills, and experiences would you bring to your service as a BFC board member?
I bring a commitment to cooperative leadership, equity, diversity and inclusion, and a belief that we can be a welcoming community marketplace with a fair and supportive workplace. In my years as a teacher, as well as working in a small mission-based company in Brattleboro I have honed my communication skills and understand the importance of team effort. I am familiar with financial statements and believe that all three legs of the triple bottom line have to be strong in order for an enterprise to realize its mission. 

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