Bulk Reset: Bring Your Containers!

  | Bulk, Sustainability

Plastic. It really stinks. No seriously, since the pandemic started it has been growing in use and it is not a feasible long-term option for our Earth, oceans, people and animals to survive in a healthy manner. We at the Brattleboro Food Co-op want to do everything that is possible to decrease plastic use. Recently we revamped our Bulk department in an effort to offer more serve-yourself options for bulk food. The main goal was to reduce plastic consumption by allowing you to bring your own clean containers into the Co-op and fill them. Yes, we did the research and it appears that COVID-19 does not exist on surface areas for long periods of time and thus transmission is low if anyone is sharing a surface. We will continue to sanitize and keep the bins clean. However, we ask that you please sanitize your hands or wear gloves before you touch pens, bins and containers. Don’t forget that if you forgot your own containers please use paper bags to purchase bulk food.

Please note that based on limited space for our new serve-yourself bins we only offer the most popular products. Those not in bins we do unfortunately pack in plastic containers. We hope that we are able to implement more serve-yourself bins soon. For now if you do not find what you are looking for please ask a staff member and/or email jonmr@brattleborofoodcoop.coop or danr@brattleborofoodcoop.coop

Finally we want to acknowledge Backroads Granola, Tierra Farms, and True North Granola, who all contributed financially to the new look and feel of this department. If you have not tried any of these delicious producers’ products we suggest you check out one of the following items:

Backroads Granola – Ancient Grains. A true gem in the granola category. Sugar free, vegan and offers a blast of flavor, crunch and protein. Wonderful on salads with milk or even by the handful.

Tierra Farm – Garlic Herb Cashews. Simply one of the greatest snacks to ever exist. Great for a hike, a day on the slopes or camping. I bet it would be delicious soaked and turned into a cashew cream!

True North Granola – Nutty No Grainer Original. One of the best maple granolas ever made. A light touch of maple syrup baked right into the nuts. No grains and simply an awesome offering for any time of day.