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Back when our newest store opened in 2012, we launched a fresh service seafood department. We offer a wide range of wild caught, farmed, local, domestic, and international fresh and frozen fish and shellfish. Our team in seafood is passionate, courteous, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We can support you with recipes, cook times, preparation and great side dishes. We focus on New England and wild-caught seafood whenever possible, but also take care to offer sustainably farmed and caught fish that many shoppers enjoy. We explore special offerings in season and at holidays, so always stop by to see what might be inspiring in the case. Many customers make our seafood counter a regular stop. We take a deep pride in offering the freshest possible seafood with deliveries six days a week. Come fishing!

A sampling of our offerings (subject to seasonality and availability):


  • Wild Caught Swordfish 
  • Wild Caught Haddock
  • Pacific Farmed Salmon
  • Atlantic Farmed Salmon
  • Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon
  • Faroe Island Salmon
  • Wild Caught Pollock
  • Wild Caught Blue Fish
  • Farmed Trout
  • Wild Caught Halibut


  • Wild Caught Clams
  • Oysters
  • Mussels
  • Stuffed Clam Shells
  • Scallops
  • Clams


  • Salmon Burgers
  • Crab Cakes

Specialty Offerings:

  • Maine Lobster Tails
  • USA Wild Gulf Shrimp
  • Farmed Shrimp
  • Octopus

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Call: 802-246-2846 (Seafood Counter), 802-246-2835 (Meat and Seafood Asst. Manager), 802-246-2810 (Meat and Seafood Manager)

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