You Will Find the BEST Selection of Frozen Desserts in our Freezer, to be Sure!

Whether it’s Vermont Gelato, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Wilcox Ice Cream, So Delicious Coconut Bars or Chilly Cow Ice-Cream Cakes, we have your sweet tooth covered.

Veggies, Pizza & Bread

We also offer a full selection of frozen fruit and vegetables, some locally sourced, as well as a dizzying array of pizzas (some from our own commissary kitchen) and gluten-free bread and rolls.


Need to pop something in the oven for a quick dinner? No problem, we have every option, from Thai green curry to lasagne, from veggie burgers to chicken nuggets. Come and browse the frozen aisles; you will find something intriguing in every category!

Some of our favorite frozen foods:

and more!

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