Beer and Wine Department at the Brattleboro Food Co-op

Beer & Wine Department

Fine special occasion wines, organic wine, fair trade via cooperative wine, high-end bubbly rosés, and even award-winning boxed wine. The Co-op offers a large variety of the best wines available in a reasonable. Beer selections range from local and microbrewed, to popular imported beers. Most beer is available in our coolers as well as some of the more popular wines.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2849 | Manager: Jeff Houle |

Cheese Department


Cheese Department

Large and eclectic describes the dizzying array of local and international cheeses offered. They include cow, sheep, and goat milk cheeses. The cheesemongers at the Co-op are always busy, whether it be cutting large wheels behind the case, making suggestions, answering questions, or happily offering you a taste sample before purchasing it.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2852 | Manager: Beth Chevalier  |

Deli Department


Deli Department

Our Deli offerings are massive and we offer hot and cold to-go, grab & go, and eat-in options for dining in the Whetstone café.

You will find typical expectations such as coffee and tea, sliced meats and cheeses,  sandwiches, and salads, but there is so much more! We offer house-made soups, brick-oven pizza, warm rotisserie chicken, heat & eat meals and sides, desserts, and bakery sweets.

The Deli offers breakfast, lunch, munch, and dinner. We offer meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients fare.

The Co-op Deli will be happy to cater your next affair or event. Ask to see our catering menu for simple party platters to full-service, large-scale catering.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2838 | Manager: Scott Martin |

Grocery Department



Grocery Department

Department Telephone: 802-246-2833 | Manager: Rob Levengood |

The Grocery Department interacts with every other department in the store. While we strive to provide customers with a wide selection of organic and natural foods, we also carry many commercial traditional, and conventional foods at the Co-op. Our shelves hold over 14,000 different products.

As a locally owned business, we are committed to stocking locally produced items from the Greater Brattleboro community and from Vermont in general including bread, tortillas, maple syrup, chocolates, and salsa.

If you are looking for ethnic and gourmet foods, you will find foods from all over the world.

The Co-op understands the importance of special diets and strives to offer alternatives that are wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of many other allergens.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2833 | Manager: Rob Levengood |

Bulk Department


Bulk Department

It is a wise shopper who shops in the Bulk Department. Customers can save a lot purchasing their nuts, grains, oils, nut butter, maple syrup, tea, coffee, herbs & spices, baking supplies, and many other shelf-stable items in the quantity they want or need. There are many pre-packed items including dried fruits, trail mix, and snack food.

Bulk purchasing allows you to buy a pinch or a pound, as well as offer you the opportunity to use your own jars, containers, and bottles, whose savings not only help your wallet but the Earth by cutting down on excessive packaging.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2812 | Assistant Grocery Manager: Dan Ridgeway |

Dairy Department


Dairy Department

The dairy coolers hold a large selection of organically produced milk, local milk, in environmentally friendly glass bottles, a variety of soy-based alternatives to milk and meat, and fresh salsas, dips, and even pasta.

Like yogurt? We have the best varieties of yogurt (including sheep and goat milk varieties) and non-dairy yogurts. Many of the brands we sell are made locally, and even right in Brattleboro.

You will also find organic and conventional eggs, several local farms’ eggs, butter, and many other creamy dairy and non-dairy spreads and such.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2833 | Department Buyer: Brendon Rule |

Frozen Department


Frozen Department

Our Frozen Department offers the best selection of desserts, bread, pizzas, fruit, veggies, and many entrées to please your taste buds. You will also find a great variety of unbeatable local frozen treats including creamy ice cream and a selection of fruit bars and gelato.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2833 | Grocery Manager: Rob Levengood |

Meat Department

Meat Department

Our meat department is simply the best in the area with the largest selection of locally-grown, humanely-raised meats with no added hormones or antibiotics. All of our ground meats are made in-store from our own trimmings and whole-muscle cuts. No pre-ground factory products are ever used. Our store-made pork and chicken sausages contain no sugar, and are most are gluten-free. All our fresh meats are cut and vacuum-packaged on the premises under refrigerated, sanitary conditions for optimal customer safety and convenience. This assures freshness, eliminates the use of environmentally unfriendly foam trays and pads, and avoids messes and odors between the store and home.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2818   | Meat Manager: Phil Broeder |

Produce Department


Produce and Floral Department

The Produce and Floral Department is committed to supporting local farmers, therefore we carry local produce whenever it is available.

That’s not to say we don’t have a wide range of fruits and veggies year-round, both organically grown and conventionally grown, in our extensive produce area both from local farms and farms from all over the world.

There is always a plentiful variety of fresh herbs to choose from as well.

The floral and plant section will entice you at all times of the year! Bring home a gorgeous houseplant,  potted herbs, and you will find amazing veggie and flower garden starts during the spring. You will also find fresh, local, and seasonal floral bouquets year-round.

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2814 | Produce Manager: John Truncale |

Seafood Department

Seafood Department

Whether you are seeking Faroe Island Salmon fillets cut to order, or Wellfleet oysters for your next party, our seafood service counter will be glad to help you out. Fresh varieties of fish and shellfish arrive at our door six days a week, both farm-raised and wild-caught, and many from the USA.

We make savory and delicious crab cakes, fish cakes, and salmon burgers in-house, making it easy to cook up a seafood feast in no time at all!

There is also a wide variety of frozen seafood options, including some bulk buys. Come fishing with us!

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2846 | Seafood Manager: Susan Lucier |

Wellness Department

Wellness Department

Wellness is an epicenter at the Co-op. You can’t beat the selection of holistic options you will discover whether you are looking for vitamins, supplements, or bath and beauty products, as well as a knowledgeable, helpful staff to assist you.

A huge selection of health support products, in all price ranges, as well as a useful and beautiful housewares section, awaits you at the Co-op. We also offer a fine selection of cookbooks, books, and magazines related to health and nutrition.

Browse our gift items and cards: we have some really nice things!

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Department Telephone: 802-246-2803 | Wellness Manager: Anne Fletcher |

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