What would you tell a shareholder?

  | Board of Directors

What would you tell a shareholder?
From the Board’s November 7, 2022 meeting:

  • Board and the Co-op, the better the Board will be at making sure we are doing what we need to ensure a thriving future.
  • The Board reviewed our GM’s data on his compliance with the Ends policies; this is the most significant monitoring report of the year because the Ends policies are the goals set by the Board for the General Manager.
  • We are looking for your input and suggestions! We need to know why you are here, and what it is you want from the future Co-op, beyond “please carry XYZ”. Your vision for OUR Co-op!
  • This was a great meeting, it provided lots of insights into the “inner workings” of the Co-op. There was a good dialogue on some necessary changes, ie. merchandise, category management, pricing, and price perception.
  • This month the Board discussed one of our most paramount goals: strengthening the link between the Co-op and the community.