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Call for Shareholder Input: Ensuring a Thriving Future for Our Co-op

At the Co-op’s 2022 Annual Meeting, held online on November 9, we enjoyed an engaging panel discussion with some community leaders about how our Co-op can ensure a thriving future. Now we want to hear from you! As we promised during the meeting, we are setting up some times to meet with shareholders to have an open, strategic conversation about things that are important to our Co-op as we plan for our future.  

These discussions will be conducted in person at the Co-op and hosted by Lee Bradford, General Manager, and Jerelyn Wilson, Board President.

Refreshments will be served.

Prior to our Annual Meeting, we posed a few questions to our panelists to help jump-start their thinking and guide our discussion, and we are sharing them here for your consideration as well. 

  •       Have the needs of our shareholders changed over the past several years? If so, how? 
  •       What do you think are important things for us to consider as we plan our future? 
  •       How can shareholders best support our success?
  •       What do we do well? What don’t we do well?
  •       What is the most important contribution that the BFC makes to our community and the town of Brattleboro?

We have planned two meeting times – both will take place in the Community Room at the Co-op, accessible from the Canal Street entrance::

Wednesday, December 14 @ 7 pm

Saturday, December 17 @ 9 am 

Click here to register 

Of course, we realize it is also the holiday season, so if you are unable to attend, we still want to hear from you! Please feel free to send your thoughts on these topics to board@bfc.coop.

To read the transcript of the Annual Meeting, click here.

To read the questions and answers posted during the meeting, click here.

We should have the Annual Meeting video and a recording online prior to the first date.