What Would You Tell a Shareholder? From BOD Meeting – October 2022

  | Board Meetings, Board of Directors

The answers from the Board’s October 3 meeting:

  1. We talked about what makes a co-op a co-op. It’s an economic model that is more equitable than the capitalistic model.
  2. We had six guests, four of whom have filled out their statements of interest and will be running for Board seats this November. Hooray and thank you!
  3. We had an excellent discussion of the question “what, when you walk into the building, lets you know this is a co-op?”
  4. There were more in-person visitors today! Come to a meeting and see & participate…they’re dynamic and exciting!
  5. The co-op is focused on stability and visioning towards the future with a focus on accessibility and community engagement.
  6. This was an easy going and fluid, yet productive, meeting.
  7. Our annual meeting is a critical way for shareholders to engage. Please join us in November. We want to hear what you feel makes a co-op a co-op!