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Food For Thought: November 1, 2022

Calling all BFC Shareholders: Annual Meeting, November 9th 5:30-7:30 via Zoom

Why do you want to attend this year’s Brattleboro Food Co-op Annual Meeting?  Because there’s lots of interesting stuff on the agenda!   You’ll meet and hear from our new General Manager, Lee Bradford; he’s been at the helm since March and I can tell you, he’s “all in.” He’s bringing his leadership and management expertise right into the core of our 47-year old Co-op, and has embraced the values of the cooperative business model in a real and authentic way. Secondly, you’ll meet the candidates  who are running for your Board of Directors. That’s one of your main responsibilities as a shareholder – to elect directors who you believe will ensure a thriving future for our store. 

I’m Jerelyn Wilson, your Board President. You’ll hear a little bit from me also at the Annual Meeting. I am passionate about serving the Co-op and feel very strongly that we are way more than a colorful grocery store full of diverse and healthy food. What’s the more? We hold a big responsibility as a downtown anchor and as a significant contributor to the resilience of the wider region. Just think about the number of small local farms that depend on the Co-op as a main retail outlet. In addition, our support of Groundworks and Foodworks along with our Food-for-All program helps to address the food insecurity in our community. Mind you, these are not marketing ploys; this is what walking the talk looks like. There is always room for improvement, and we often hear from shareholders how we can do more. We welcome constructive feedback and suggestions brought with a positive spirit of generosity. We are always trying to do better. 

The Co-op is on the cusp of a new chapter – that’s what you’ll hear this at the Annual Meeting. We are strengthening our internal leadership, establishing more consistency in our management practices, fostering a healthy partnership with the Union, and striving toward more financial success. More financial success means more profit. And what does a cooperative do with profit? We offer our shareholders patronage dividends, and we build our internal capacity to fulfill our cooperative values. No money is filling the pockets of an individual outside our community. More of every dollar a shopper spends at the Co-op stays in our community than with chain groceries. It’s the cooperative way! If you are a BFC Shareholder, please plan to attend the virtual Annual Meeting and hear the General Manager, Board President and Treasurer reports, and listen to a panel discussion among key leaders in our town. To learn more and register, click here

Jerelyn Wilson