What Would You Tell a Shareholder? September 2022

  | Board Meetings, Board of Directors

From the Board’s September 12, 2022 meeting:

·   We had a lively conversation about the justification for the BFC to exist. Our visitors participated with insight and enthusiasm.
·   If you are interested in the future of the Co-op, now is the time to get involved with the Board! We want to hear from you about why we are here and how to best serve you!
·   We had quite a few interesting conversations ranging from member labor to the why’s of the Co-op’s existence.
·   We handled a variety of topics. The Co-op is in good shape, and we’re excited about upcoming projects.
·   Come to a meeting! Get involved! Meetings are fun, engaging, and stimulating. And educational!
·   We had a wonderful meeting discussing the Co-op’s importance in the community, and our continuing to strengthen ties with the community is paramount.
·   The Board flagged up so many ways that the Co-op contributes to our local community
·   It was very informative and gave me a better sense of how the Board operates and makes decisions regarding every aspect of the Co-op.