Meet the Board – John H.

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John Hatton is probably a familiar face to Co-op members; he’s been on the Board of Directors twice before, was the Board President when we decided to build our new building.  Before his current profession as a Realtor at Berkley & Veller, John was at Northeast Cooperatives until its demise, working with the member Co-ops who owned the cooperative natural foods’ warehouse.  He’s happy to say that when he and his family moved to Brattleboro from Connecticut, he realized that this is his place, and he doesn’t need to consider living anywhere else.

When did you become a member of the Co-op?
I joined the Co-op when my family and I moved to Brattleboro, in 1991.

What do you do for a living?
I’m a Realtor, Broker and Sales Manager at Berkley & Veller Greenwood Country Realtors.  I’ve been licensed for 19 years, and love what I do.

How do you like to spend your spare time?
I don’t get a lot of spare time – real estate is truly a 24×7 job, and I’m also on 4 (!) Boards of Directors.  But when I grab some time for myself, I love to garden, I go to movies (especially the Marvel and DC movies – I was a comic book kid), and I try to get in some miles on my bike.

Are you a member of any other cooperatives?
I’m a member of the Putney Co-op, REI, and I was a member of the Boston Food Co-ops before they went under.

How did you spend the pandemic months?
I spent the first 11 months working from home, lots of time Zooming.  Once things loosened up, I was able to get back out, do my real estate work.  I still don’t get out much, but a little.

What brought you to this area?
My (future) wife and I lived in Connecticut, where I was running my own natural foods store.  We were in the right place, wrong time; the economy crashed as I opened the store.  Three years later, we closed; it was a very humbling and expensive education.  Kate’s deal with me was that we’d go back to where she had been, Brattleboro, so here is where we landed.  I got a job at Northeast Cooperatives, and have been immersed in co-ops since then.

What do you like most about our Co-op?
I’ve watched this Co-op evolve over many years.  I love the spirit of our Co-op.  I love the staff.  I love seeing our community in the aisles, and how a 10-minute shop always takes over an hour, because I meet up with so many people.

What’s your most favorite Co-op food item?
Well, I live on chips and salsa, so there’s that; Appalachian Naturals Organic Hot Salsa is my go-to now.  John Truncale supplied me with a steady flow of excellent organic navel oranges through the winter and spring.  I’m pretty addicted to brussels sprouts, so I love to see them in the deli case.  And the miso & mustard-coated eggplant slices too.  Yalla hummus.  Vermont Maple Sriracha (which underwent a not-great packaging change, but it’s the same product). Cosmic Bliss (aka Luna & Larry’s) frozen coconut desserts.  I could go on and on…

With what person, alive or dead, would you like to have lunch, and why?
Big question.  Maybe John F. Kennedy and the Obamas, same luncheon.  I think that would be fascinating.

What drew you to serve on the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board of Directors?
This is my third round of being on our Board of Directors.  I’m drawn to community service, as I said I’m on 4 Boards right now, but I especially care about our Co-op.  And I like the work.

What do you like the most about being on the Board of Directors?
A bunch of things.  I like being part of a group of people who have committed their time to support our Co-op, and in turn, our community.   I like being part of a team, being a team-player.
I like being involved in retail grocery and the natural foods’ industry again – but I try to keep clear boundaries, so I don’t overstep.  I like to help.