Board of Directors Meeting Agenda: July 2021

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Monday, July 5, 2021
5-7:55 pm with initial Executive Session 5-6pm
Sharelholder guests welcome at 6pm
Due to COVID-19, our board meetings have been held online, via Zoom. Shareholders are welcome to participate. Please contact Board Administrator (phone below) or for link to join.
Board Administrator: 802-246-2820 or 802-257-0236, ext. 820
NOTE: Next Board Meeting: AUGUST 2nd

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for July 2021

Allotted Time Topic Board Action/ Outcome Leader
5:00 Executive Session (See Bylaw Article 6, Policy D.2) Facilitator
Personnel matter
Open Board seat
6:00 Soft start Chat All
(5 min.)
6:05 Official Start of Board meeting
(10 min.) Welcome Visitors/Review communication norms Listen Facilitator
Agenda Review Comment Facilitator
Approve June meeting minutes (6/7/21) Motion to accept; vote Facilitator
6:15 Shareholder Input Listen Facilitator
(10 min.) Any shareholder guests to share what’s on their mind; Jon’s data on shareholder feedback; any other shareholder feedback
6:25 Board Process: Give Feedback Facilitator
(10 min.) D.2   Board Meetings – Review feedback
6:35 GM: Updates Listen/Ask clarifying questions GM
(15 min.) Packet to include any communications from Sabine to either or both Board and Shareholders in chronological order
6:50 GM Monitoring Report – B.3 Relationship with Employees Motion to accept/Discuss/Vote GM
(15 min.)
7:05 Board: Monitoring Report – D.9 Board Relationship to Shareholders Motion to accept/Discuss/Vote Board member
(15 min.)
7:20 Preparation for Upcoming Monitoring Ask questions Facilitator
(5 min.) GM:  B.2 Financial Condition & Activities; B.4 Asset Protection
Board: D.12 Management Succession
7:25 Committees – Questions for the Board from committees 
(5 min.) Policy & Bylaws Vote Jerelyn
(5 min.) Board Member Recruitment Judy
(5 min.) Ends Ad Hoc committee Beth
(5 min.) Community Engagement Shanta
7:50 Meeting Outcomes
(5 min) What do you want shareholders to know about our meeting tonight? Share All
7:55 Closing Share All
(5 min) What did you observe about your participation in relation to the new list of How We Engage with Each Other?
RETREAT Themes (December 2020)
Food Access/Food Equity:
Supporting the GM and staff in modeling diversity
Nurturing the Co-op’s ability to function as a center for community
PARKING LOT – items for future discussion: