Board of Director Update on a way to Support BFC Staff

  | Board of Directors
Last year, Board Directors discussed how we can honor BFC staff who have stepped up and worked hard to keep the community fed, safe and secure during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Since the new Board was seated in December, we have collectively accrued a total of 221 hours on behalf of the BFC. Of those hours, 132 were donated to BFC staff in need of hours to maintain their discount. (An additional 55 hours were donated to non-staff working shareholders in similar circumstances.) Here are a couple of ways you can honor BFC employees:
• If you as a shareholder have accrued extra working hours and would like to donate them to BFC staff, please contact Ruth in Shareholder Services at
• You might consider showing your appreciation by charging up the staff gift card when you take advantage of curbside shopping or when you’re shopping in the store, so our hardworking and dedicated employees can enjoy complimentary snacks during their breaks. Thank you in advance for your generosity.