What’s New at the Co-op? Bear’s Fruit Kombucha

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Hard Work Bears Fruit

The phrase “to bear fruit” means to yield positive results. From making delicious, better-for-you products to striving for a net positive impact.

Health without compromise: We all want to be healthy, but not at the cost of taste. Bear’s Fruit has created recipes to be savored, not endured, which has those functional health benefits.

What do you get when you combine wild organic blueberries and English lavender flowers? A fruity and botanical kombucha that provides some much-needed peace and calm.

Pineapple Mint

If you like piña coladas…then you’ll probably love the Pineapple Mint kombucha made with organic whole pineapples and freshly picked mint leaves.

Strawberry Jalapeño

For those who like a lil’ kick, the Strawberry Jalapeño kombucha is made with whole strawberries and freshly chopped jalapeños. Great for when you need a little pep in your step.

Lemon Rosemary

The best of summer is in the Lemon Rosemary kombucha made with fresh-squeezed lemons, hand-grated ginger, and real rosemary leaves.  It is a refreshing, zesty brew that tastes like sunshine.

Find Bear’s Fruit Kombucha, with the other kombuchas, in front of the Dairy aisle.