Vermont Cheese Madness


We appreciate the enthusiasm everyone has shown in getting involved with our Vermont Cheese Madness during the month of March, however, due to the COVID 19 epidemic, we have pulled this event temporarily. At the Co-op we strive to keep our customers safe and once we feel there is no longer a threat, we hope to resume this fun and tasty promotion. Stay tuned and stay safe.

Jasper Hill Farm

Editor’s note: This March we successfully completed our first Annual Vermont Cheese Madness event. A delicious 32 Vermont cheeses from 26 different cheesemakers were sampled throughout the month. We presented eight categories for the bracket: cheddar, gouda, bloomy, blue, washed, alpine, tomme, and goat. Each day we offered two cheeses for customers and staff to sample and then vote The prize: a feature as our June Producer of the Month. On March 31st, Jasper Hill Farm’s Alpha Tolman was declared the overall winner. And so, Cheese manager Joe and Marketing manager Jon visited Jasper Hill last month to bring you this feature article. Enjoy, and thanks to all who voted!