Grilled Trout with Onions

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Trout and other small whole fish cook quickly on the grill. The key is to keep the delicate fish from sticking on the grate and tearing. If you like to cook fish, it can be worth investing in a fish grilling basket.  This tool, made of wire, opens and closes to clamp the fish in place so you can cook it without placing it directly on the grate. If you don't have one, you can grill the fish wrapped in foil, which has the benefit of keeping it moist and adds the option of infusing the fish with added flavors such as lemon and herbs.

Fridays with Katherine


Try Before You Buy on Sale! Brattleboro Co-op house-made Grilled Eggplant Parmesan made with local organic eggplant from Picadilly Farm!

Free Tasting: Incredible Bulk! Madagascar Pink Rice Pudding


Enjoy a very special summer dessert with Katherine Barrett, Madagascar Pink Rice Pudding!, at the Brattleboro Co-op Demo Counter, Friday, July 27, 11am-1pm, then buy some of this exotic, beautiful, and budget-friendly grain from the Bulk department. On sale this month!

Free Tasting: Incredible Bulk! Quinoa


Try Quinoa Summer Salad at the Brattleboro Co-op Demo Counter, Thursday, July 26, 4-6pm, then buy some of this super-duper grain ON SALE for a great price in our amazing Bulk department.

Incredible Bulk! Free Sampling


Try some great food in the Co-op Bulk Department!  Enjoy a sampling of delicious beans, rice and grains along with recipes, samples, and information, plus some thrifty bulk-buying tips and tricks.  Thursday, June 28, 4-6pm.

Cooking Class for Adults – Convenience Cooking: Dinner

Cooking in the Kitchen

Don’t cook? Don’t have time to cook? This class is for you! Learn to make quick, healthy meals using already prepared food as a foundation for a meal. Yes, “convenience” foods have a healthy place in everyday cooking. Simple training with basic cooking techniques will have you making terrific dinners in no time at all.

Kids Teach Kids to Cook: Making Pie with Branden and Co.


Join us for a new class series for kids where we will offer a different child each month the opportunity to teach their friends and peers how to make a favorite recipe. December spotlights Branden Howe (Academy 4th grader who came up with the idea of the class), who will teach how to make Apple Pie with Northern Spy and Snow Sweet Apples. Branden’s recipe calls for a side of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Recipe: Yogurt Cheese Berry Pie

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  • 1 baked 9-inch graham cracker crust, made with butter or the low-fat way with yogurt
  • 2-3 cups yogurt cheese (instructions below) (You can substitute non-dairy yogurt if needed)
  • Berry mixture, 2-3 cups cooked berries mixed with thickener and sweetener according to your taste (instructions below)
  • Fresh berries for the top
  • Chopped walnuts (optional)