When It’s Time

| Food For Thought, GM Report

I have heard it said that it’s a gift to know when it’s time. I have received many gifts in my tenure here at the Brattleboro Food Co-op, often in thoughtful and caring conversations in the aisles. For now, though, I am stepping down at the end of December as General Manager. I believe that a new person taking the lead, with new energies and new vision, will be just the ticket for our beloved Co-op, to continue to shepherd it through the next few pastures.

Meet the Board: Tamara Stenn

You’ll probably recognize Tamara Stenn, not just from her photos from being on the Brattleboro Food Co-op Board, and her articles in Food for Thought.  Tamara has been in this community for many years, and a fellow shopper in the Co-op for all of that.  This interview gives a fun look at what brought her to this area, why she likes being on the BFC Board of Directors.

Wearing Two Hats

| Board of Directors

I am a cashier at our Co-op, and I am also a Board member. Being new to the Board, it can be challenging to remember which hat I am wearing at any given time! A little background: our bylaws require one and allow up to two staff directors on the Board. It’s commonly thought that I’m on the Board to represent only the Co-op employees, but that’s not the case. Staff directors, like patron directors, represent all shareholders. However, in my experience, my insights as an employee have been welcomed at our meetings.