BOD Meeting Agenda: January 2023

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Happy New Year!

We encourage Shareholders to join us at the monthly Board meetings (live or via Zoom).


Monday, January 2, 2023 (5:00 – 7:40 pm)

MEETING LOCATION: This board meeting will be hybrid with the choice of in-person in the Co-op Conference Room or via Zoom. Shareholders are welcome to participate. Please contact Board Administrator (phone below) or for a link to join.

Board Administrator: 802-246-2820 or 802-257-0236, ext. 820

The next Board meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2023.


Time Allotted Topic Board Action/Outcome Leader
5:00 (15 min.) Soft start Eat and connect All
  • Serve ourselves some dinner and chat.
5:15 (10 min.) Official Start of Board meeting Review Facilitator
  • Welcome/Acknowledge
  • Communication Norms/ID
  • Roles/Management Team
  • Members introduce themselves.
5:25 (15 min.) Shareholder Input Listen/Share Facilitator
  • Shareholder guests intro and input/Other Shareholder input
  • PLUS Shopper Feedback and Shareholder Stats (FYI)
5:40 (5 min.) Approval of minutes from 12/5/22 Motion; Vote Facilitator
5:45 (10 min.) GM Monitoring Reports Motion; Vote Facilitator
  • B 5 Continued Operations; B 7 Communication to Board
5:55 (10 min.) Board Monitoring Reports Motion; Vote Facilitator
  • C 1 Board/Management Relations and C 2 Delegation to GM
6:05 (15 min.) Jan. policies to be monitored: GM:  B.2 Financial Condition & Activities AND Board C.3 GM Job Contribution and C.4 Monitoring Management Performance

  • Review the monitoring process and content of the policies
Ask questions Facilitator
6:20 (20 min.) GM Updates – FYI Listen/Understand Facilitator
What is happening in the Co-op that the Board needs to know?
6:40 (30 min.) Follow-up discussion from Board Retreat Listen/Participate Facilitator
Climate Change & Economic Disparity/Co-op ENDs policy review.
7:10 (10 min) Board Committees Listen/Choose
  • Board Member Recruitment
  • Community/Shareholder Engagement
7:20 (10 min) Tell a shareholder Few minutes of silence
What would you tell a shareholder about this meeting? Put in chat/write on paper All
7:30 (10 min) Closing Share Board members & GM
For you – what went well or not so well?  What is one thing you’re taking away from our meeting?
For your calendar
  • Store Tours: Denise/Lee to schedule
  • FFT schedule and contributors