A Big Thank You to Chris Ellis, Staff Nutritionist for Changing Lives

  | Food For Thought, Staff

Chris has been a part of the Brattleboro Food Co-op family for many, many, years.  She has been our Staff Nutritionist and provided support to hundreds of staff and shoppers in one-on-one consultations as well as thousands more with her years of writing in Food for Thought. She also works in Early Education Services with a deep pride in delivering these children delicious and organic food. Her impact on the children of our community might be her greatest superhero strength, and for this we are deeply in debt to her work. You may have noticed that she has authored less articles recently in Food for Thought and while she will continue to write in Food for Thought it will be less often. This shift is occurring as we decrease the print editions of Food For Thought and manage the Co-op’s financial situation. 

She is still offering free nutrition consultations through the Co-op and we welcome you to reach out if you’d like to take advantage. 

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chris for her work, loyalty, and support. She has changed lives for the better and we have deep gratitude for her.