Today’s Deli Menu

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Hot Soups Are Back!

For the current offerings, call the Deli at 802-257-0236 x864

Prepacked to go in three sizes…and we also have hot cheeseburgers and other goodies ready to to eat!

Deli Menu for Curbside and Walk-in:

Deli Sliced Meats (uncured, no added nitrates):

Our own roasted turkey, Stonewood Farm

Turkey, – Mckenzie

Roast Beef -Mckenzie

Smoked Ham – Mckenzie

Black Forest Ham – Applegate

Prosciutto trim

Other: Cured

Molonari Sopressatta

Genoa Salami

Deli Sliced Cheese:

Swiss cheese


Cheddar, Cabot mild

Andrew & Everette Sliced Cheeses:

Monterey Jack

American white




Appetizers & Snacks

Sicilian5 olive Blend *

Kalamata Olives – pitted *

Kite Hill -Toasted onion dip – Vgn/*

Wayfare Nacho cheese spread – Vgn/*

Cedar Hummus and chips

VT Salumi- red wine*

VT Salumi- fennel *

Pate – Mousse Truffee *

Applegate genoa salami snack pack

Roasted Chickpeas *

Davidovich Bagels – assorted 3pk/6 pk

Davidovich Bagels – cinn raisin 3pk

Croissant- 2pk

*Made with wheat free ingredients.

Available while supplies last. 

Meal Solutions: Heat & Serve

Vegetarian/ Vegan:

Grilled Lemon Herb Organic Tempeh Steak *

Roasted Organic Tofu Steak with tamari *

Southwest black bean burgers – 2pK *

Sesame Peanut Noodles w/scallions

Sesame Peanut rice noodles *

Thai Tofu *


Spanakopita – spinach feta in phyllo

Quinoa Veggie Burgers

Black bean burritos

Spinach Lasagna

Pasta w/Marinara

Mac n Cheese


Grilled Northeast Raised Beef Burgers *– 2pk

Grilled Salmon Burgers * – 2 pack

Grilled Lemon Herb chicken breast *

Picnic Chicken * – bone-in

Rotisserie Chicken*– half or whole

Slow Roasted Turkey * – Stonewood Farm

Chicken Black Bean burritos

Baked Goods:

Beth’s Brownies

Raspberry Bars

Chocolate chip cookies

Super Oaties

Whoopi pies

Java Bars

Onesto cookies: Vgn/ *

Crumb cake

Maple-apple donut holes


Verde – pesto with roasted veggies


Three Cheese w/red sauce

Wheat free cheese

house-made soup

House-made soups are savory perfection. Truly top-notch.